Inductions should engage, set expectations, reduce anxiety and give new starts what they need to preform at their best sooner. A truly great induction can also communicate a great deal about who you are as an organisation and who you inspire to be!

We unpick what makes your organisation unique; this is where we flex our design muscle (both learning and visual) to create something extraordinary for you and your new starters.

What we hear

Often, conversations start with the client expressing sentiments like “Our workplace has changed so fast we’re struggling to keep up”. New ways of working demand solutions that work for a diverse workforce in even more diverse locations. Change can be a great excuse to explore and reimagine what learning at your organisation might look like.

We've got loads of experience, and we can help with:

Learner-led approaches

Hybrid learning methodologies

Digital innovation

Digital innovation

What we hear

Sometimes the conversation is as simple as “I just don’t know where to start”. It might seem daunting, but this can often be the best place to start. From discovery and strategy, through to upskilling your learning teams and delivery – we’ve got you covered.

We can assist with:

Discovery and diagnostics

Needs analysis / Learning strategy


Project management